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Ring Splints By Zomile - U.K Based Medically Approved Ring Splints

Joint Stabilising Finger/Thumb Splints in Silver & Gold. Alleviate pain and swelling  - Arthritis, Hypermobility Syndromes EDS/HSD, Subluxation & Dislocation,

Stroke, spinal injury,  Lupus, Broken Finger, Trigger Finger, Mallet Finger, Heberdens Node, Boutonierre, Swan-Neck Deformity, Deviation, Injury. Registered with MHRA



Ring Splints by Zomile create affordable, contemporary Silver & Gold splints for the

customer in need of stabilising their fingers and thumbs.

Zomile realises the importance of not only functionality but the need for attractive ring splints.

The Solid 935 Silver will allow you to wear them daily with confidence.

Available In - Textured Silver, Vermeil Gold plate, Gem Stone set rings, 22ct Gold Vermeil plate

& 9ct Gold.


Zomile ring splints are especially useful for finger pain and swelling for a wide range of conditions.

The simple, elegant design of the splints allows them to be worn different ways on the fingers &

Thumbs to treat a variety of conditions. They improve finger stability and alignment for better hand function, whilst being comfortable and stylish to wear.


The rings are not made from silver wire meaning the smooth edges will not snag or catch on

clothing or sensitive skin and will not break. The rings help to alleviate swelling and pain

associated with conditions such as; Arthritis, lupus or repeated finger hyperextension, subluxations/dislocations.

* See Reviews

Ring Splints By Zomile provide a full range of custom-made sizes for fingers & thumbs,

ranges of longer and shorter splinting for your needs.


As a sufferer of EDS and Rheumatoid Arthritis the creator of Zomile Ring splints understands

importance and need for functional, sturdy rings that are attractive, affordable and keep their


Order via Facebook page www.facebook.com/ringsplintsbyzomile (prices as seen on this website)

Alternatively visit my Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Ringsplintsbyzomile (prices may

vary from this website due to Etsy fees)

Due to the custom fit of Zomile ring splints it is important to message via email, personal message on the facebook page or Etsy shop mail prior to ordering to ensure you select the correct size and splint


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*Content on this site is not intended to substitute for advice given by a medical practitioner or other licensed

health-care professional. Always seek medical advice before purchasing splints and braces

NHS and Access to work  orders taken

Registered under MHRA medical devices

For measuring instruction video visit www.facebook.com/ringsplintsbyzomile.co.uk

For orders please contact [email protected]

or www.facebook.com/ringsplintzbyzomile




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Double Loop Thumb Splint In Hammered Silver

Screenshot (224)

Plain Silver Interlock

Splint With Gems



single splint moond

Single Loop Thumb Splint In Hammered Silver


moonfruit 7

Deviation Splint In Hammered Silver

moonfruit 3